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The DriveAbout Me (Ashley Dunn)

I can still remember a time when I was not able to do what my heart wanted. I can always remember a time that I always doubted myself. I remember wanting to take on the world one idea at a time but failing to start the first. See, I remember because it has been a journey for me. Honestly, after going through some drastic changes since I hit adulthood, I have finally realized how important it is to go after what you love.

I wake up each day with my head filled with different thoughts floating around. From my newborn to my value as a wife. It wasn’t until I woke up one day with a rude awakening that I realized I needed an outlet for all that I have going on.  I need a platform that I can use to release my frustrations, turn them into something positive, express myself and share my thoughts on topics ranging from the tiny outfits my little one enjoys to the stories I create to uplift and entertain the mind of who chooses to read.

The low down

Funny story I worked in a field that I never thought I  would ever enter; Yes this field is the retail world. Crazy enough, in the beginning, I loved what I  was doing at that time. As I packed on a few years to my retail black book, I started hating the shit out of going into work folding clothes or whatever task I may have that day. Everything about it just made me cringe from the little surprises left behind by an irate customer to the degrading mess that is left behind. (stay with me I promise I have a point)

After having my son and dreading my days for work, even more, light bulbs started going off in my head. “You’re passionate about natural living, and the healing powers of oils, you’re passionate about your son and husband, your passionate about your stories,” myself said to me. Then it dawned on me you don’t have to separate this, you don’t have to choose one, You can tie them together and create one online family of entertainment tips and my experiences.

The reality

Due to my long path in customer service, I realize that when I go out and shop  I expect a certain level of support and I am looking for a certain level of quality and decent prices. I also pay keen attention to detail in each item that I choose to purchase. It is only right for me to share this information with my readers and change your question mark to a full stop. While you’re at it, you may just want to read a few stories to feed your thoughts.

The expectation

Let it be known that when you come here, you will enter a voyage that you may not want to leave. I will use my previous knowledge, and the experience that I am gaining as I begin my new world as a naturopathic and my creative mind will keep your thoughts stimulated. You will get views, reviews, thoughts, and stories.

Feel free to read leave comments and add suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time out to stop by the page and check out what I have going on.


Ashley Dunn

My way, My world, MY control -Ashley Dunn

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